Church Life

If you are seeking to grow in a personal relationship with God, to understand the Word of God more deeply, and to experience a life of following Jesus, there are many opportunities here!

Sunday Morning Prayer
Before the service each Sunday, we have a prayer meeting. We encourage you to come out to lift up intercessory prayers. Prayer begins at 10:00AM and concludes just before the service begins.

Sunday Service
Join us on Sunday’s at 10:45AM for praise and worship, prayer, and the Word.

Friday Fellowship
Every Friday, we engage in various types of gatherings to further grow in faith and community. Follow our updates on the announcement page or on our Facebook to see what we are up to this week.


Discipleship Families
Discipleship families began with the discipler-disciple relationship where one and his/her disciples formed a small group to engage in deeper and more intimate fellowship. Families have now grown into a larger network of 1-on-1 relationships where one connects with their discipler, their discipler’s disciples, their disciples, and their disciple’s disciples. This is our primary venue for fellowshipping with other believers. We spend organized time together with our families on Sunday’s after service and on Friday nights. Through prayer, meditation on God’s Word, sharing our lives with one another, and serving together, we grow as followers of Jesus.


Every week, we go out to share the good news of Jesus Christ to our city. As disciples, we believe that the call to proclaim the gospel to everyone is a privilege and duty. We also spend a time of debrief so that we can reflect, learn, and improve on our experiences and to pray for our contacts.
Wednesday 6:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM, 12:00PM
Follow our updates on the announcement page or on our Facebook to see the weekly locations!

We are committed to seeing the gospel proclaimed to the ends of the earth. We send short-term missions teams each summer to different cities and we support missionaries locally and internationally through prayer and finances. For security reasons, you can find out more information at our church.